An independent font foundry located in Vancouver, Canada, FontyFont was founded in 2014, with one goal in mind: becoming the consumate typeface repository. The small creative studio births original, professional typefaces in contemporary, distinctive, classic and decorative styles. With a fine attention to detail, the foundry offers a wide array of professional typefaces to suit a variety of aesthetic needs. Web fonts for each typeface are also available, many with extended character sets and ligatures. 
Yes, FontyFont understands the true value of the glyph. We know that how you say something, is as important as what you are actually saying. That\'s why we also offer custom fonts tailored to your specific company or project. Whatever the unique style or tone, the foundry works closely with its clients to ensure complete satisfaction. 
At FontyFonts, we would never dream of putting words in your mouth. We do, however, aspire to put the letters in your designer hands that form those words. We hope you enjoy typography as much as we do and that you enjoy the quality and quantity of fonts we have available. 
Suggestions and future font submissions are always welcome. Send us an email, or follow us on Facebook or Twitter.
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